Ashley Anthony

1.) Tell us your WHY - why are you in the industry of fitness and why did you want to become a Personal Trainer? I’m in the fitness industry largely because of its emphasis on preventative healthcare. I want to help people introduce exercise into their lives so that they can see long term results and hopefully live a long, healthy life.

2.) How did you get started with Personal Training? After 10 years of competitive cheerleading and an internship with Cooper Aerobics, I decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I began by training friends and family, then eventually growing my client base.

3.) What is your experience in Personal Training (length of time) and what is your expertise or speciality? I’ve been training for over a year. Most of my client population has been semi-active adults seeking assistance in taking their fitness and health to the next level. I also have experience training adults with Parkinson’s Disease (stage 1- stage 3)

4.) What types of clients have you seen the best results with? My ideal client is someone who isn’t currently very active, but maybe used to be, and wants to introduce exercise into their life but isn’t sure exactly how.

5.) What is your expertise // knowledge in nutrition? I’ve taken collegiate level nutrition courses and have been primarily plant based for 6 years.

6.) What do you love to do in your free time? I love to explore new restaurants, play tennis, listen to music or a thought provoking podcast and read (memoirs are my favorite!).

7.) What is your favorite mantra? “Live in the moment” we are often a very future and goal oriented society, which can be important, but I’ve found that I’m able to enjoy life more if I slow down and focus on the here and now.

8.) How do you practice Balance (Fitness Balanced) in your lifestyle? I try to view my health with an intuitive mindset by prioritizing a balanced fitness routine and diet, rather than hyper structured or restrictive. I can’t pass up a chocolate chip cookie and often take rest days to just relax and hang out with friends!

9.) What are your certifications and are you pursuing any currently or in the future? I have my Certified Personal Training certification through NASM and my Group Fitness Instructor certification through ACE. I also have a B.S. in Applied Physiology and Health Management.