Anna Huie

 1.) Tell us your WHY - why are you in the industry of fitness and why did you want to become a Personal Trainer? My personal training journey started when I realized my two passions, helping others and fitness, could be combined into my dream job. I enjoy being able to transform people’s lives in a holistic approach by not just looking at the physical but the entire lifestyle around health, nutrition, and fitness.

2.) How did you get started with Personal Training? I got started in personal training after being a member of HYLO for a year and seeing how much it had changed my life. This is when I decided I wanted to be a part of the HYLO movement and work to impact others the way fitness did for me. I have now been a personal trainer for a year and a HY coach for 4 months.

3.) What is your experience in Personal Training (length of time) and what is your expertise or speciality?  I have been personal training for a year and focus on strength training circuits with my clients.

4.) What types of clients have you seen the best results with? My training style is geared more towards females who are looking to build strength and tone their bodies. My workouts are circuit based where we target 1-2 muscle groups to help build muscle strength while also building muscle endurance. I also focus on core engagement, not just in your standard core moves, but in all strength training exercises to ensure a strong core. I emphasize with my clients the importance of nutrition, rest and recovery. If you want to see those results you have been striving for you need to make sure to not just show up in the gym but show up for yourself outside of the gym!

5.) What is your expertise // knowledge in nutrition?  I believe nutrition and recovery are the cornerstones to seeing the results you are looking for. With that, my nutrition is focused around a more holistic approach, making changes that can be sustainable for years instead of those quick fixes. For my personal nutrition I am plant based and have a wide range of knowledge around this type of nutrition. I don’t believe this is the only way to live a healthy lifestyle but have seen the best results for myself through this type of nutrition.

6.) What do you love to do in your free time? When I get free time I enjoy surfing and being at the beach, spending time with my friends, traveling, and cooking.

7.) What is your favorite mantra? The key to success is to start before you are ready -Marie Forleo

8.) How do you practice Balance (Fitness Balanced) in your lifestyle? Fitness balanced looks like a few different things in my life. I incorporate strength training, HY and LO classes into my weekly fitness routine. I also prioritize those rest and recovery days where I enjoy a long walk with my pup. I eat a wide range of nutrition rich foods while also enjoying some vegan pizza and ice cream on the weekends.

9.) What are your certifications and are you pursuing any currently or in the future? Certifications: AFFA Certified Personal Trainer // Will be completing a nutrition certification in the next few months.