Alayne Corum

1.) Tell us your WHY - why are you in the industry of fitness and why did you want to become a Personal Trainer? I want to spread my knowledge and love for health and fitness, and to inspire clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle through the balance of nutrition & exercise. My passion and drive come from watching my clients crush their goals and gain confidence.

2.) How did you get started with Personal Training? I pivoted from competitive gymnastics to weight lifting in college which led me to competing in bodybuilding competitions. I loved learning about building muscle and proper nutrition, and became a certified personal trainer to gain more knowledge for my own training which led to helping others and making a career of it.

3.) What is your experience in Personal Training (length of time) and what is your expertise or speciality? After competing in my first bodybuilding competition in 2014, I became a certified personal trainer in 2016, and started working full time in 2018 (for over 3 years now). I am now a certified ISSA Elite Trainer, certified ISSA Fitness Nutritionist, and certified ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist Coach.  I specialize in weight loss, strength training, sport specific training, calisthenics and nutrition.

4.) What types of clients have you seen the best results with? My ideal client would be an athlete, or someone with specific athletic goals, although, I’ve mostly worked with and had the most success with weight loss clients.

5.) What is your expertise // knowledge in nutrition? I am a certified Fitness Nutritionist. I am able to complete customized nutrition plans for clients with weight loss or muscle building goals, or any goals! I know how to customize a plan for all diets except plant based (not knowledgeable enough in vegan). I am also very experienced in nutrition plans geared towards those with digestive issues.

6.) What do you love to do in your free time? Besides working out and practicing my fitness competition skills and routine, I love the beach, surfing, relaxing and always being tan.

7.) What is your favorite mantra? The level up is about improving, not impressing. Don’t let your food get cold watching someone else‘s plate.

8.) How do you practice Balance (Fitness Balanced) in your lifestyle? I am all about rest, relaxation, and self-care! I always promote time off to my clients, true rest days and self care activities including lots of stretching, rolling, cryotherapy, saunas, etc! I keep all meal plans flexible, cheat meals are necessary for sanity!

9.) What are your certifications and are you pursuing any currently or in the future? ISSA Elite Trainer (meaning I have 3 certifications): ISSA Personal Trainer, ISSA Fitness Nutritionist, ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist Coach. I am looking to complete a Glute Specialist certification this year as well as Corrective Exercise in the future.